Who Can Join on the Chaparral Lacrosse Club?

Any boy in grades 9 through 12 that attends Chaparral High School (Type A player) OR; 

A player that attends a school without an attached program (Type B player) , can make a onetime, permanent choice of either:
1. The nearest open program to his home's boundary school. This is known as his scholastic option.
2. The nearest open program to his home address based on Google Maps default routing. This is known as his residential option .
    *If a player is homeschooled or attends an online school at home (Type C players), his scholastic and residential options are the same.

Do we offer a Fall Lacrosse Training Program? 

Yes. The Club conducts both conditioning and fieldwork training exercise regimes. We generally conduct these from early October through November. PLAYERS MUST BE REGISTERED in order to participate. Informational announcements will be emailed out and posted on the website as well as social media.  Please make sure as players and parents you sign up for email notifications and follow us on social media. Fall Ball as well as regular season practices and games are included in your registration fee. There is no discount if you decide not to participate in Fall Ball.

We are New to Lacrosse and/or Chaparral Lacrosse - What Do We Do?

To learn about our Club and lacrosse, we suggest you read through the FAQs regarding how to join and how to register a player(s). Aditionally, you may contact the Club's President through this website. Simply click on the CONTACT US tab on the vertical menu and then the Presidents name to send an email. 

What Equipment Do Players Need to Provide?  What Does the Club Provide?

Lacrosse is not an Arizona Interscholastic Association ("AIA") sanctioned high school sport which means schools do not provide any financial support or equipment.  Players are responsible for their own equipment.  Fortunately many options exist regarding equipment purchases.  Great used equipment can be found from players already in the program so ask your friends.  Below is a list of standard equipment each player (other than goalie) will require:


  • Helmet (ALL PLAYERS are required to wear the following helmet color scheme: Shell Color: RED, Chin Color: WHITE, Chin Strap: RED, WHITE, or BLACK) We can place an order for you at a discounted rate. The club provides the Firebird and number decals to all new players to apply to their helmets prior to the regular season.

  • Gloves

  • Stick - Shaft and Head

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Elbow Pads

  • Rib Pads (optional)

  • Cleats

  • Cup

  • Mouth Guards (2)   

Where Can We Buy New Equipment? 

Opportunities exist either on-line or locally. Dick's Sporting Goods is a good option for beginner equipment packages. Additionally there are web-based retailers; such as LacrosseMonkey, Lax.Com and Lacrosse Unlimited. Also, check out our online store on the website for some great deals! Feel free to reach out to the Club President if you have any questions on purchasing.

Does The Club Provide Uniforms?

The club provides game day uniforms for the regular season. You are required to pay a one time refundable uniform deposit of $150 for the duration of your time playing with the club. Game uniforms are handed out at the beginning of the regular season and returned to the club in May. Players are responsible for purchasing their own practice uniforms which consists of red shorts and a gray shooter shirt. All players are required wear a practice uniform (gray shooter and red shorts) to every regular season practice starting in January.  You might consider buying more than one set as these are worn 4-5 times a week. In addition, ALL PLAYERS MUST also purchase the Red Game Day Shooter. You can find these items in our Squadlocker Store under "Essential Gear" https://teamlocker.squadlocker.com/#/lockers/chaparral-lacrosse. There is also a limited  inventory of items in our online website store as well. Practice uniforms are mandatory during regular season practices only (Jan-April).

Who Can Join the Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse Website? 

Anyone.  Our website is open to Players, Parents, Family, and Friends.  Everyone who wants to keep up with the Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse Club is welcome.  Joining will allow you to receive email notifications for games and other events. It is highly recommended that ALL Players and Families join the website and provide contact information.  This will be the Club's primary method of announcing scheduling changes, updates, important information.  As a Player or Parent it is CRUCIAL that you can get updates and email blasts specific to each players team.  

How Do I Join? 

Click the 'Join the Email List' under 'Organization & Contact Info'. Provide your Name and Email Address then Submit.  You will be mailed a temporary password for log in.  Once you have this password Click the 'Edit My Account'.  Here you can change your password and input other information especially as a Player or Parent.  This will give you access to different areas of the website restricted for Members Only.  

Is My Personal Information Kept Private? 

Absolutely YES!  Most information provided (other than players) is simply name, address and contact information to allow us to keep in you informed of Club activities.  The following is direct from our website's Registration Page: How This Information Will Be Used: the information you provide on this web site will be kept on our secure servers and NEVER shared with any third party outside this organization and the company that hosts this website. Your personal information will only be viewed by members and technical personnel with the appropriate clearance and password.  

Why should I join the Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse website? 

The Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse Club website is a tremendous source of information.  Getting the right information out to the right group is our goal.  Everything from game and practice schedules to schedule changes to social events to player/parent notifications can be quickly transmitted via email.  To help reduce email clutter information will be sent only to the group or groups involved i.e. JV team, Varsity team, players only, parents only, or everyone.  

How Can I Get Involved with the Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse Club? 

The Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse Club is always looking for volunteers be it game day assistance, Board Committees, our School Club, or elsewhere.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort and time to keep a first rate program like ours running smoothly.  If you are willing to assist the Program in any way please email the President @chapfirebirdslax@gmail.com

When Is Player Registration?

Player registration will begin in mid September.  Information will be sent out to all current lacrosse players as well as incoming freshman players letting them know the upcoming season registration is open.  

What Is the Process for Player Registration? 

Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse Club will use ONLINE REGISTRATION.  This process will speed the accuracy and efficiency of registration for both the Club and its players.  Once available, a player may register on-line at their convenience as long as it occurs prior to registration closing. Registration generally opens in early September and closes at the start of the regular season. The process will provide step by step instructions for you to complete your registration. 

What If I Have Problems With Registration?

Please contact the Website Administrator and we will assist you.  Please understand that any existing players with open account balances from last year will have to settle those prior to being allowed to register for the current year. 

Can I Pay For Registration Online?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards as well as Venmo. We also accept checks as well as payment plans.

How Can I Become A Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse Donor or Sponsor?

The Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse Club greatly appreciates all donors and sponsors.  See our Sponsorship Info under "Donations and Sponsorships" or you may contact the Board President or Treasurer via email for more information.  

How Are Sponsors Recognized? 

Sponsors will be recognized on the website, social media and at home games. Website sponsor recognition will include company name on sponsor list and can include logos on the Club's home page; banner advertisement on click-through pages; and links direct to the sponsors website.  These options will all be availabe at varying levels of sponsorship. Please contact us at chapfirebirdslax@gmail.com or look under  'Sponsorship Info' under 'Donations and Sponsorships' tab to find out more about sponsorships. 

How Do I Navigate This Website?

This site was designed to be user friendly. The Horizontal Menu Bar under the Club's banner gives you the Major Menu headings.  You can pass your cursor arrow over each of these to see the information under each.  This sub-menu information also shows up on the Vertical Menu bar. Once you click on a new Horizontal Menu item, its sub-menu information will show on the Vertical Menu bar.  Note: If you are using a mobile device be sure to click on FULL SITE otherwise you will not be able to see everything.
ALL of the parental and player forms and sponsorship forms are on the website in PDF format and can be downloaded and/or printed for your convenience.  It is imporatant that you check the website regularly for new or updated information about the Club, its teams, schedules and announcements. 

How Do I Use The Forums?

Forums are a great way to communicate with the other members of Chaparral Lacrosse.  You can ask questions, answer other people questions, exchange information, arrange rides, etc.  In order to Post to the Forums, you must have a website password associated with your email address.  If not already a member of the website, see How Do I Become A Member to get your password.
Go to Forums on the Left Vertical Menu bar and look for any questions relating to your question.  If nothing is there, then Add a New Question.  Once logged in you simple put the Subject and Message information. This is a great way to share informaton with each other and email each other to get solutions and find answers.